A little gratitude

Being a writer with aspirations, it’s easy to go along thinking how very hard it is to knuckle down and write, and persevere in doing so despite the many setbacks writers all over will be familiar with.  However, it’s also easy to sometimes forget the many people around without whose support, encouragement, patience and time, the road to becoming a writer would be even longer and harder.

So, in this blog, I’d like to thank the wonderful folk around me who are helping in very different ways.

First to the gloriously intelligent and fabulously supportive Alfie, who has read almost every one of my stories, left glowing reviews and even proof read a whole manuscript for me in his spare time.  I’d never in a million years pick up on the errors Alfie sees, so a massive thank you!

Then to my friend and colleague, and very talented writer, Juliet, who has also spent many an hour reading my first draft dross and helped me turn it into something that makes sense.  Not to mention her knowledge of the industry, and her willingness to share her hard-researched intel.

And to best-friend Sarah, who happily and patiently reads my stuff, and gives me her honest opinion every time.  Thank you to Keith, who at our kids’ swimming lessons listens to my incessant plot ideas, and who voluntarily reading my books – no arm-twisting or blackmail necessary!  And Harriette, who reads, critiques and reviews without complaint ‘cos she’s my friend and is nice.  Not to mention fellow writer Sue, who’s a great buddy for sharing ideas, encouraging each other and swapping stories of knockbacks!

And finally – before I’m at risk of donning a pink frock and doing a ‘Gwyneth’, thanks indeed to my mum and cousin Sarah, for being permanent supporters, and touting out my books to anyone and everyone who stops to listen.

When I’m famous I’ll buy you all a very large and expensive beverage!



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