A peek into my sex life

I’m writing this at 5.45am. Normally, at this time, I’d be entertaining hot city slicker, Daniel, in an Icelandic hot tub–yep, that’s me in the picture (as per my characters in Ice Hot) or being adored by Sirs Lancelot, Parceval and Gawain – all at the same time (like lucky old Guinevere in The Curse of Camelot) or hiding behind a screen watching my husband–the sly fox–get it on with his friend, Marine Man (as in Secrets of the East Wing).

Sadly, about an hour ago (four hours after I finished a marathon Christmas-present-wrapping session) I was woken up by a noisy boiler, so all that went out of the window. Shame, that hot tub looked so inviting and Daniel was beckoning me like a man possessed. Never mind. I’m sure he won’t mind waiting till tonight. He might have wrinkly fingers by the time I dive in though as I’ll have to get tea sorted first.

Having written erotic fiction, I often get asked coyly whether I really do those things. My response is usually to raise an eyebrow and say: “Well, off course. Why? You mean you don’t?” and look aghast that there are some people out there who haven’t experienced what werewolves in man-form can do. Some people live such sheltered lives!

No, really, it always tickles me (the question, not the werewolves, although all that hair can be an irritant). I don’t think many people believe that Ruth Rendell went out killing people or that JK Rowling had defeated The Dark Lord before she wrote about it. It seems strange that people have no trouble believing it is quite possible to imagine murdering someone in such graphic detail that you can write about it so convincingly, but find it difficult to believe how you could possibly write a sex scene without having lived out every knicker-ripping second.

My mum was even asked once if she thought I experienced the spicy sex lives I write about. My mother! I’m not sure how she answered, but I hope she shrugged and said “Yeah, I should expect so.”

I write romantic and erotic fiction on all heat levels. Here’s a chilli-themed guide:

For a mild, sweet romance, take a look at my novel Saving Alice

If you like romance with just a hint of spice, try my latest novel, Little Village of Second Chances

For passionate romance with the occasional burst of heat, give my debut novel The Virgin’s Gamble a go. Or for a quicker read, with the same heat level, try Ice Hot

If your not afraid of some eye-watering spice, then take a look at my novella, Secrets of the East Wing

For red hot and fiery scenes, definitely go for novella The Curse of Camelot although be warned, you might need an ice bucket to cool off afterwards.

Photo by Mark-Christian Killick-Calver on Unsplash

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